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Not following the public interest, but on the basis of our own ecological conviction, we consciously refrain from the otherwise customary individual product packaging, because we want to dispense with the use of raw materials such as plastic, paper and paints, as far as possible in the field of cosmetics. Ultimately, our products are unpacked at the consumer and the individual packaging is disposed of directly before using the product. It remains only the first visual impression when buying, but the individual packaging creates directly residual waste. Due to hygienic regulations and German and European laws in connection with cosmetics, dietary supplements and ingestible fitness articles these may only be filled to a limited extent in connection with product containers from plastics or glass.

By dispensing with the individual packaging, the costly production (cartoning, printing, foiling) does not have to be additionally included in the selling price for the customer, thus creating a double benefit: The environment is spared because less raw materials and energy are consumed for production and the price for the end user is lower than with individual packaging.

However, our options for saving raw materials or recycling are not limited to individual packaging. When ordering multiple items, we pack together in cardboard boxes, while insulating and filling materials consist of paper. We therefore refrain from the otherwise often used packaging chips made of plastic or bubble wrap. Imprints on as many of our advertising materials as possible are made using recyclable colors.

Ultimately, we want to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible under the circumstances of safe and hygienic product shipping by systematically avoiding packaging raw materials and colors. We continue to work to find additional solutions for the careful handling of our environment and to break new ground here. Of course, we will consistently maintain the high self-imposed quality standard of our products.

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