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With our business idea for the foundation of our brand “Le Chateau Noble” we have now joined us as longtime friends as joint entrepreneurs in 2014.

Andreas Hofem, owner of a marketing company for 25 years and experienced in the areas of printing, branding, sales and of course marketing is one of us both. The second owner, Markus Gahlmann, has been a senior in the financial industry for 27 years, in controlling and has been involved in the development, implementation and control of sales for just as long.

After many samples with products available on the market, we decided at the beginning of 2014 to develop our own cosmetics brand and to market highly effective cosmetic products and dietary supplements in the high-quality “premium segment” that meet the latest research and the demands of today’s customers bring. The brand and logo were already protected under trademark law in 2014. Since mid-2017, various first care products, equipped with all necessary approvals and certificates and tested by dermatologists. More exciting products are already close to completion of their development or already in the approval and can be presented to you soon.

We look forward to livening up the market with our high-quality products and to let people be convinced by our products and to pamper them.

Andreas Hofem

Andreas Hofem, owner of a marketing company for 25 years, design and printing, Brander, marketing developer and marketing consultant of large international fashion companies, years of experience in modeling and model management for well-known fashion labels, successful break dancer in the 80s. Co-founder of “AUDI R8 Le Mans Club e.V.”

Markus Gahlmann

Markus Gahlmann, owner of a business consultancy, controller, sales manager and for many years director at a major German bank. Specialist in corporate management and economic sustainability, commercial accounting, real estate finance and commercial finance, precious metal trading, securities. Various board activities.